The Witches Masquerade Ball
The Witches Masquerade Ball. 
A Dark Romantic Night To Remember.3rd Of March 2019 – Venezia
8pm – 3pm.Venue:
Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara,
Fondamenta Daniele Manin 1
Murano, Venezia 30141Hosted by Katrin Lanfire and Blacklist. 


This year we decided to invite you into a world, filled with dark romantic music, where magic and witchcraft is real.
Perhaps you will become rich by finding the Philosopher’s Stone or conquer the Prince’s heart by seducing him with a love potion.
This Carnival, Venetian ghosts can whisper to you their secrets and lead you to into a place, where the decadence of the Venice’s Golden Age meets the aesthetics of modern extravagant fashion.
A place where witches and wizards from different countries, centuries and social groups gather around the cauldron to practice their dark magic together.

BlackList and Katrin Lanfire will get together for the next encounter of the blacklist community gathering in the gothic side of Venice. They offer a night full of surprises with fire performances, futuristic animations and a selection of more than ten performing artists supported by bewitching music.

This event will mark the beginning of a new era for Blacklist and Katrin Lanfire. An enchanted evening of music, dark arts and performances. Magical souls in union.

This will be an ode for those of us that think differently, out of the box. We are the children of the night, so let’s dance together, in a multi-sensorial experience where reality is modified and music possess your body.

Welcome to the Venetian obscure,  a world of legends and dreams!

We gather at the church on Sunday, the 3rd of March, at 20.00pm. Alchemists, witches, wizards, phantoms and sinners are all welcome.

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Banquet (Stand Up Buffet + Free Drinks) Time: 20.00
Cost: 160 euros.
Between the courses, several performances are scheduled to spice up your dinner experience.
Our opera singer will enchant you with her magical voice  and a group of  seductive witches will lure you into their world of tribal dances and wonder.

After Party Time (No Food – Free Drinks and Dark Romantic Music): Time: 22.30
Cost: 100 Euros.

Costume/ Formal Attire and Mask are mandatory.  

Looking for inspirations for your costume? Have a look at our mood board:

Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara,
Fondamenta Daniele Manin 1
Murano, Venezia 30141

Closest Hotel: LaGare Hotel Venezia, Murano
All night from 20.00 pm to 03.00am. Reservation for taxi requested”

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About Katrin:

Karin, is an alternative (freelancer) photo-model from Ukraine, now living in Germany.

Modeling is has been her passion since 2011, it gives her a lot of motivation, positive emotions and the opportunities to meet amazing people around the world.

She prefers to join dark fantasy, historical,  fetish and beauty projects, because she can represent these themes in the most artistic way.

She is also the founder of MyWitchery, Etsy shop with gothic, fetish and fantasy accessories (

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Haute Gothic/Fantasy/Witchy headresses and accessories
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Photographer : Foto VdEnde

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