Two years ago “Danza Luna ” marked the start of a new era where artists around all Europe gathered to celebrate arts by experiencing a display of marvelous exhibitions, finest performances, and a most enchanting fashion show.


An event at the opulent ballrooms of the Opera Of Ghent, enjoying the delights of an exclusive evening with memorable meetings, enchanting music, a luxury buffet dinner, a fantastic runway show and many more! 

“You’ll make part of a yearly tradition where the most wonderful artists all around Europe gather to pass a memorable evening.”

Emmalyne Rose  – Founder “Danza Luna”

Sponsored by : Chocolate In A Bottle.

Katrin Lanfire – Photo by w

Katrin Lanfire ( )  and Alisa Perova/ Alice Corsets  ( )  showed their collection of dresses and headpieces.

Alisa Perova – Alice Corsets – Photo by Foto VdEnde
Katrin Lanfire – Photo by Foto VdEnde
Maik Beiersdorf and Katrin Lanfire – Photo by
Mila Mishchenko – Photo by Foto VdEnde

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