by Vivienne Sharman-Lewis.

A Secret Meeting has been Evoked in the deepest darkest reaches of Somerset, where the most select and desirable, the most glamorous and beautiful and those who see themselves as different, will gather for a multi-sensorial experience, where reality is modified and music will possess you.

The Time of this encounter is getting closer, in fact it is this very Saturday, on September 8th at a secret Blacklist Mansion, where night will merge into day and the mansion magically transported into a castle.

“And in this state, she gallops, night by night, through lovers’ brains and then they dream of… love!”

The Blacklist community and meetings are the brain child of entrepreneur and restauranteur, Tarik M.Rodriguez and their first event is described as one the most anticipated events in the social calendar and the very first massive encounter of the Blacklist community in the UK. The blacklist community is a group of like minded individuals, who see themselves as operating outside of the normal ranges of society, and who expect and seek out experiences way beyond the norm.

For this first and unique encounter, they have chosen two very special locations, with the night version of the event taking place in an extraordinary mansion, and when the sun rises the party recommences at a magical castle.

Designed to stimulate and fully engage and thrill all the senses, it offers two indoor and two outdoor stages,live performances, techno, house, and commercial music, rnband the worlds best sound technology, all set in 17 private rooms, with a casino area and complimentary free bar. All, in all, all tastes are accommodated.

“In the mansion, we offer a night full of surprises with dozens of performances, futuristic visual animations and a selection of more than 15 artists that will perform on 4 different stages, with the support of the best sound technology in the world.” says Tarik proudly.

So should he, as not only that, but there will also be a Tattoo Artist and body painting stations, a local mask artisan, circus acts, photo booths and helicopters flying guests in and out. 

They see this first meeting as marking the very beginning of a new era in their Blacklist Community, which will be repeated regularly in other secret locations to celebrate their beautiful souls in unison.

As Tarik continues:

“This will be an ode for those of us that think differently, out of the box, and are often seen as socially incorrect individuals. We are black sheep, so let’s dance together celebrating our blacklist status.”

With VIP passes for mansion entry from 1pm to 10am, that includes a casino pass and Blacklist make up & premium wear as complement + a complimentary free bar from 1pm to 1am, all for £120 a tickets, prices for the events plus a room are available for groups of 6, 8 then 10 guests.

Tarik is well placed to offer the ultimate in a social network and extraordinary and well organised events, as he already runs Xceed Night-graph, an online system that he created to help clubs kick start their events, and boost their daily operations as well as gaining useful insights about their clubs.

Their Reach Out Service includes a ticket sale system, that allows clubs to take their guest lists straight from their website, and to also monitor their sales, in real time. Their Host System gives clubs access to their Xceed door managementApp, which enables them to check-in guests, scan their tickets and keep track of their best customers.

While their Fast Access System even offers the choice of an advanced scanning system to scan tickets and even guests in seconds, a manual check-in system to welcome guests, without reservations, by simply checking in their name against an alphabetical list, and finally a system to control flyers and unregistered guests to keep track of flyers and other guests

Finally, their Re-Engage System allows clubs to analyse & improve their clubs’ performances, by managing they’re growing community.

The Blacklist community and events may sound fantastical and new age, even mystical by their very nature, but rest assured it is backed by someone with a sharp, analytical and detailed mind, who can offer a safe and efficient environment in which to party, express your personality and as he says to celebrate the back sheep within you!

Oh! Then I see darkness had been with you.”

Now you can share the night and dawn with others!

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Written by

Vivienne Sharman-Lewis

National Director Miss Europe Continental United Kingdom

Director of Visions PR, Marketing Events, Modelling, Training.

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