Safe – 69th Cannes Film Festival Introduction

Directed by Stephen Hall and Produced by Paul Thompstone, ‘Safe’, is a short film about a chance encounter which takes place in the darkest of times. One man’s fight to survive is met with one man’s dying wish. It has been two years since the fall of civilization. Joe (Adam Moylan) has learned the hard way to stay distant from the cities forcing him to travel through the most deserted terrain in Ireland. Joe’s search for food and clean water is interrupted by an injured man, Pete (Zeb Moore), who is left for dead by the survivors. Joe must learn to trust Pete as he is brought to the task of taking his wife home.

Short Synopsis

Joe is a survivor of ‘The Fall’, a worldwide event that wiped out sixty percent of the population and rendered mankind unable to reproduce. Orphaned when he was just ten years old, Joe has never really grown up, now in his twenties, he has learned to navigate a world in which all of society has broken down. The only people left behind have become ruthless ravagers. Out of fear, Joe hides and keeps to himself, that is until he meets a dying stranger who tasks him with bringing his wife’s ashes home in exchange for food and safety at his secluded house in the mountains. On the way, Joe is propelled into maturity as he comes to the rescue of a beautiful, headstrong woman named Mar from a group of dangerous marauders. Thus inadvertently setting off a chain of events putting Joe and Mar in the cross hairs of these ruthless bandits.

Safe Movie

World Premiere

Seeing as ‘Safe’ was taking part at the Short Film Corner section of the 69th Cannes Film Festival we decided to make the most of our opportunity by holding a separate screening and world-premiere of the film at Morrison’s Lounge, a popular Irish bar situated in the middle of the festival chaos. The screening went better then we ever could have imagined due to the fantastic turn out of people made up of Irish natives, French locals and festival attendees. We are extremely grateful to the man who could make this all happen, Robert Ryan. Robert is the owner and manager of Morrison’s, a Limerick local who decided he could give our films an upper hand at the festival.

‘Safe’ was joined by three additional Irish short films, all on behalf of the Richard Harris International Film Festival which taken place this coming October. These films included ‘Mothers Milk and Cookies’ starring Nigel Mericer, ‘The Cheese Box’, Directed by Paddy Murphy starring Kevin Kiely Jnr, and ‘The Clockmakers Dream’ Directed by Cashell Horgan, narrated by Jared Harris and starring Joe Mullins.

Prior to Cannes, Paul and Stephen recently launched their production company Greenflash Pictures. While attending the festival, the duo worked around the clock in search for an international co-production company to team up with on an upcoming Horror in development for Greenflash titled, ‘The Gates’. Having struck interest with a handful of companies, Greenflash are now in talks with a Spanish co-production company that are showing a great deal of interest in the project. Greenflash are hoping to receive pre-sale figures in relation to ‘The Gates’ by the end of August.

Stephen and Paul have also been approached by Eli Roth’s company Crypt TV to produce a short horror film, ‘The Daisy Chain’, written by Stephen who will also direct the project. This will be their second collaboration with the renowned Horror filmmaker within the last month.

Safe Movie

The Gates

Soon after the completion of ‘Safe’, Irish filmmaker Daithi Magner (Pan, Cuban Fury, Spiderhole) approached Stephen and I with regards to coming on board an upcoming Horror Film which was in development titled, ‘The Gates’. At this stage, Steve is already known for his renowned work in horror films in Ireland. His most recent horror short came about after Eli Roth’s company Crypt TV approached Steve to come on board and direct a script of theirs. Following its release last week it has already racked up over a quarter million views. ‘The Gates’ is a Victorian period film about a serial killer whom is sentenced to death by hanging. As the killer is about to die, he casts a curse on himself and everyone within the confines of the prison, which they are located in. The film revolves around our protagonists who attempt to cast the spirit out whilst maintaining the safety of others.

The film is currently in development, Greenflash hope to begin the casting process as soon as possible. In the meantime you can keep an eye on their Facebook for more information.

You will also find more of their work at

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