Prosecco Il Milione (Mirò’s Prosecco) – Sponsoring events at Venice Film Festival 2017

Passion for art, style and natural taste, wine and finesse. That is how we can describe last Venice Film Festival. It was a magnificent event, which will be remembered with tenderness for a long time.  One of the sponsors, who created this frame of mind, was the wine company “Mirò’s Prosecco”.

The wonderful world of flavours and shades can be transmitted through the actors’ play. Such as like the grapes in skilled hands are transformed into delicious wine. Pure magic. Sometimes the style and the taste is transmitted equally well as in wine and as in the cinema. That’s why this cultural connection between the world of cinema art and a wine are so important for “Mirò’s Prosecco”.

The passion for wine, the patience of the expectation, the respect and appreciation of what the magical territory of the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene makes available and the humility to always take a step back to learn from the experience of others the salient features of this company. Mirò’s point of view is the minimalist approach to grapes handling, accurate product control – from vineyard to bottle – through careful selection of winegrowers and grapes to winemaking, with reasoned interweaving of ancient methods and modern technologies to provide consumers with clarity at every stage of processing, while respecting natural processes and tradition.

Still firmly attached to these beliefs, today Mirò proposes three product lines: the Milione, Brighella and the traditional Prosecco Treviso “Col Fund”. A fourth Prosecco DOC “Gold Doge” line is dedicated to the overseas market. Each Mirò product is characterized by a minimum amount of sulfur dioxide.

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Written by Pasha Truelove (fb: Pasha.truelove)

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