She took the world by storm when on the 1st February she announced that she is pregnant, not with one child, but two! The internet went crazy, celebrities took turns to congratulate Beyonce and Jay Z, memes started flowing and you’d think that’s about it, right?


Well, then the Grammys came around and she gave an amazing performance that left everyone speechless. Even if this time the focus was on her beautiful vocals than her usual dynamic dance moves, she still made an appearance and her songs moved the audience. Of course, she also won a few Grammys, but the most touching moment was when Adele won “Album of the Year” and she said she cannot accept it and she praised Beyonce for her album – Lemonade.

In her acceptance speech, Beyonce said that she hopes her daughter will see role models that she can relate to when she watches events like the Grammys, the Olympics, etc. As always, she did a beautiful plead for inclusion and against discrimination that people applauded.

beyonce5Just when people thought that was it, the next day she released a new single with Jay-Z and Dj Khaled called ”Shining” that got everybody moving on the dancefloor. Oh, and let’s not forget she made an appearance at the NBA All Star game on Sunday with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, proving that she won’t let anything stop her from going to her favourite events.


She is just unstoppable. She launched a whole new digital album, with a beautifully created movie that came with it, then she toured the world, now she makes motherhood a priority again, without quitting commitments and while still engaging her fans. Who knows how she does them all, but one thing is clear – February is Queen B’s month. And this month is not even over yet…





Article by: Diana Iusco
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Diana Iusco

Diana Iusco

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