‘D’Ange by Csikós Anikó showed there collection at a Fashion Show , held on the 23rd May, 2017 at the 5 star Carlton hotel during the very special 70th Cannes Film Festival. ‘D’Ange  was among eleven designers from around the world graced the famous Boulevard de la Croisette to present their Red Carpet Collections’at the Fashion Show hosted by Tiffany McCall.

The individuality of D’Ange lies in the correspondence of the stylish simplicity and trickiness of the clothes. There collections go by the lively women, revealing the timeless elegancy which is the soul of the ‘haute couture’ .

Photo Gallery:

dange-by-csikos-aniko2 dange-by-csikos-aniko8 dange-by-csikos-aniko12 dange-by-csikos-aniko5 dange-by-csikos-aniko7 dange-by-csikos-aniko15 dange-by-csikos-aniko16 dange-by-csikos-aniko11 dange-by-csikos-aniko9 dange-by-csikos-aniko4 dange-by-csikos-aniko3 dange-by-csikos-aniko6 dange-by-csikos-aniko14 dange-by-csikos-aniko13

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Cannes Film Festival 2017 Celebrity Suite


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