We see statistically that children with an African American background are “far less likely to visit national parks,” in the US.

The National Park Foundation campaign, “1 Million African American Youth in a Park,” looks to change this, by giving more youth the opportunity to be able to go to national parks and for those who can’t afford it, every $10 they raise will go towards some of the expenses to make it possible for them.

Their aim is to not only show the youth in America a good time, but also build cultural and historical knowledge and even open their minds and introduce them to an array of career opportunities that they may have never been aware of, or that they would ever even be able to pursue later in their lives.

America like England, has an illustrious background of history and as an American of colour living in the U.K. my cultural background and knowledge of American history has always been importance to me and I understand the importance of this cause, aiming to raise awareness and give youth the chance of learning about their culture and about national history.

At the Cannes 2017 Film Festival, Stephen Hightower the National Park board member and the leader of the “1 Million African American Youth in a Park,” campaign, held a fundraiser held on his yacht, to raise money for the cause. The event “Amongst The Stars,” was held at the festival and had a performance by Karina Pasian, who’s been nominated at the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album, adding to the greatness of the event.

Article by Evan Terry




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