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I just stepped into a 1950’s movie, I’m the femme fatale lead role, in need of the most tantalizing and unique ensemble for the a summer ball, thrillingly at my fingertips is the expertise of a head to toe design, style and beauty house under the seamless creative direction of Lucia Silver.

I’m wondering whether Grace Kelly may have been an influence in the concept and naming of this magical operation, aptly titled, The State of Grace.


Escorted to a boudoir of unadulterated glamour and elegance, amidst couture laces, sparkling vintage sequins, moody mannequins and deco mirrors, Lucia who has been donned “the arbiter of feminine chic”, sits down (unexpectedly on the floor below me) and poses questions with empathy and understanding, drawing out my dreams of how I would like to look on this very special evening, later this year.

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Lucia is incredibly perceptive and thirty minutes into our appointment she soothes and transforms my unhelpful inward chatter, into an increasingly feminine and creative celebration. I know the experience at The State of Grace is going to take me on an important journey beyond the simple creation of a fabulous frock…

Then with an enriched knowledge that can only be of modern times, the discussion of technical design zooms my experience back to 2015.


At this point there is no doubt that the creative mind of Lucia, alongside the incredible design capabilities of  her master threads-man will produce a dress of perfectly fitting, body enhancing gorgeousness. I am expecting to be smothered in well-placed feathers, sequins, gemstones and perhaps a slither of lace to make this an ensemble like no other.


The enchanted secret of The State of Grace dawned on me; the finished product screams simplistic elegance, yet it hides many delightfully entwined layers of talent and creativity.  Lucia takes the rules of dressing to look ‘effortlessly chic’ and raises the bar to its most delectable extreme. At this point I am quietly ecstatic at my expectations of the outcome of this journey.

During my three visits to the State of Grace, I encountered a thorough and fun yet impressively organized progress. A mock-up version of the dress was even put together so that the final design could be perfected with colours, contours, stitching, threads, sequins and stones. Inspired by fashion from by-gone eras and classic looks, and expertly guided by Lucia, I’m indulging in the girliest of dress wish-lists.

My accessories are also taking shape., and I’m looking forward to the final fitting.


Finally, the day came and I beheld my beautiful bespoke  dress; a vision in satin, delicately held with thin straps, it teases my hip line with delicate folds, and a naughtily low slung back, reveals more flesh than I would normally dare to show.


Simply, it looks a million dollars.

So now for the accessorizing. The ensemble of pieces perfectly and subtly compliments the dress – it’s a masterpiece! A four-tiered necklace of sparkling jewels offsets a bracelet of feminine reptilian design. It’s studded with dark blue jewels, softened with yet more in baby blue, which are contrasted with a rim of diamonds. Long peacock feather earrings and a gem-and-feather adorned pashmina complete the ensemble.

I couldn’t believe that all of these marvelous creations will soon belong to me, hand-picked, hand-made and not only meeting, but surpassing my requirements. Cinderella will go to the ball, and better still I now have a wardrobe full of outrageous yet classy accessories that are unique and mine, all mine!


Interview by: Gill Kirkham

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