Interview with internationally acclaimed makeup and hair stylist Leticia De Carvalho.

by Hannah Robbins.

This year I have been extremely lucky to meet and work with some amazing people. At the beginning of the year, I had an extremely crazy phone call from Matthew John Film Director, asking me to work on the film Hedda Gabler. I was so excited and so nervous. On the day I started I was asked to recreate the actors hair from previous scenes and the word continuity became completely terrifying. I had to recreate styles designed and created by Leticia De Carvalho!!

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Since childhood, Leticia has had a passion for classic Hollywood and its muses, which produced a curiosity in Leticia and the desire to explore the possibilities of colors, lights and shadows.

Leticia studied the history of schools in Florianópolis – SC and later Fashion and Style in Caxias do Sul – RS, where she began her professional career in a photography studio, she was responsible for the beauty and costume departments.

She then moved to São Paulo, where, with her experience and knowledge of English, allowed her to experience new challenges. For four years she acquired new techniques, experience and a professional attitude.


Back in Brazil, she operates in the advertising markets, fashion and social. Leticia also works in the musical universe, working with bands and national and international musicians, attending the NY circuit – London – Sao Paulo – Rio.


So Leticia, How did the opportunity to work on Hedda Gabler come along for you?

I met Matthew John in a castle in Somerset whilst shooting for a Brazilian department store advertisement. We hung out, and became friends instantly. We kept in touch and he started to talk about his forthcoming project, and asked me to come to the UK to be part of it. To be the head of hair and makeup on the film was an exciting opportunity. It would be my first feature film and 18 months later, I received the call to start my research. I instantly feel in Love with Matthew and his vision.

What was your inspiration for the beautiful styles, you created for Hedda?

I have a passion for history and exploring different eras. The Victorian period is rich and beautiful and has always fascinated me. I researched this time through reading books and surfing the internet for pictures and images. I also watched many period films for inspiration. I had been sent the original script so I started to create styles for each of their personalities. I wanted to keep it simple but bring out their soul in their look.



What was your favorite time during the filming? And why?

All the scenes and shoots were fabulous whether they were indoors or outdoors. All the locations were incredible so it is hard to pick just one. It was very magical time. The script, the acting, the locations and the people were all superb.

I do remember the funeral scene as being very poignant. The fog created an intense feeling and the horses were beautiful. It was magnificent!


What was your hardest part of filming? And why?

There were some intense days of filming but the day we worked for 23 hours no one will forget.

What have you been up to since filming finished?

I’ve being working a lot, the film has opened new doors for me. I even went to Cannes Film Festival with Heddas’s crew which was great. I’m based in Brazil and doing such amazing work, with big companies, magazines and more films on the way. I am now specializing in more character work which I love.

You are a massive inspiration to young and aspiring stylists around the world, but who inspires you?

Thank you for the compliment. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have been given and hope I can inspire people. I worked as an assistant for many years before I could sign anything, and it was the best experience ever. You learn so much by watching people’s mistakes and being part of their goals, and then you make your own mistakes and create your own goals. I have been inspired by the people I have worked with but I’m also inspired by art.


What advice could you give to anyone wanting to start working as a film hair and make-up artist?

Go for it! This means work hard, read books, study art and History, spread your intention, create networks, work for free, always look beyond, laugh, cry, be patient and be professional, with time and appointments, and always have a good sense of humor. It will save you.

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Interview by Hannah Robbins

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