Divas Fabulous Paris is a beauty company founded by a mother and independent business woman, Stéphanie Guttonneau.

Because of her background in having a lot of experience in the industry, gives the company a promising name.

Being woman who it both a parent and a business professional, Guttonneau understands the great importance of having confidence and knows that it is sometimes a struggle in finding both the time and energy to look after your appearance, while having to manage and juggle all the things in your daily life, offering women the right products to suit their skin to maintain your physical appearance and to boost your self-esteem.

While developing the company her objective was to reveal the glamourous, self-confident and diva that is hidden in every woman, by proposing services to inspire these qualities.

The company has a magazine that gives fashion advice and beauty tips and as well as cultural and musical references.

The have a broad range from skin care products, to fragrances and even hair extensions, which are 100% real hair from all around the globe, to provide women with high quality hair and to give them a more natural look.

Being real hair they use to make their extensions, means that there aren’t harmful substances added to them, such as chemicals, meaning that the extensions remain intact, which is the fundamental difference that defines non “Remy hair.”

Article by Evan Terry

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