Leticia de Carvalholeticia de Carvalho Beauty Artist
The wonderful Leticia de Carvalho!
Leticia de Carvalho, being a professional in the area of hair and make-up, travels the world to bring her signature to fashion, adverts, music and high class social scenes.
This year Leticia has joined forces with the brand bareMinerals, allowing her to transform and beautify the celebrities of the largest european film festival. Working on names such as Christina Pitanguy and Camila Coutinho, both being Brazilian fashion and lifestyle bloggers who received her ‘all inclusive’ package, allowed Leticia to show of her unmatchable skills at events such as the Amfar Gala and the Chopard Party.
Leticia de Carvalho Camila Coutinho chopard party
Camila Coutinho attending the Chpard party. Cannes Film FEstival 2015.
Leticia de Carvalho Chris Pitanguy
Christina Pitanguy attending the AMFAR Gala. Cannes Film Festival 2015.
Upon bareMinerals launching their brand in Brazil three years ago, they have established a lasting relationship with Leticia and her agency AMUSE-MENT down to her proposal to the north American company regarding the film festival. Knowing that Leticia would be tending to celebrities, shooting fashion campaigns, and above all promoting herself, bareMinerals, seeing the opportunity,  sponsored her and provided 40 exceptional items to be added to her toolbox.
Leticia de Carvalho 1
bareMinerals collection.
‘Besides taking care of my Brazilians,’ said Leticia ‘I attended meetings, photo shoots and interviews to raise my profile and I intend to return to the festival again next year to craft my signature on as many influential faces as possible.’
Leticia has specifically asked me to thank Five Seas Hotel for their hospitality. She was quite insistent that they receive the recognition they deserve for all the help they gave, and the kindness shown by all staff members during the festival.
Leticia de Carvalholeticia attending the 1st Cannes fashion Festival
Leticia de Carvalho attending the Cannes Fashion Festival 2015
Leticia showing of her talents, and Sephora Venites showing of hers. On FIVE SEAS HOTEL’s  luxury rooftop, wearing the designs of Zeynep Kartal, Sephora participated in a photo shoot with acclaimed fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt. Leticia crafted her hair and make-up and as you can see, the results are amazing. More on Zeynep Kartal here:
Leticia de Carvalhosephora in photoshoot with kristian  for... i dont remember de designer
Model Sephora Venites working it at FIVE SEAS HOTEL Cannes 2015.
Dress Designer: Zeynep Kartal 
Photographer: Kristian Schmidt 
Leticia de Carvalhome and kristian during photoshoot at HOTEL 5
Leticia de Carvalho  with Kristian Schmidt at the FIVE SEA HOTEL  Cannes 2015.
Feature by: Conor McCrohan

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