“Sense Eight” cast goes to Brazil to shoot scenes for the 2nd season in the middle of the biggest Gay Parade in the world.
By Leticia De Carvalho


leticia de carvalho

Miguél Angel Silvestre & Leticia De Carvalho


The presence of the cast of Sense Eight series produced and aired by Netflix, in Sao Paulo’s main avenue, caused a commotion at the 20th Gay Parade, for 2 million people crowd.
The cast recorded for about 40 minutes a scene, from above a “stage-truck” where the character Lito (Miguél Angel Silvestre) declair to another character Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) that’s he’s gay, saying it loud to the huge crowd and kissed Hernando after the statement: “let the party begin!”


sense eight - gay drama Lito (Miguél Angel Silvestre) + Hernando (Alfonso Herrera)

Lito (Miguél Angel Silvestre) + Hernando (Alfonso Herrera)

With the sound of Beyoncé playing loud all over Paulista Avenue, other cast members Jamie Clayton (Nomi), Freema Agyeman (Amanita), Tina Desai (Kala), Brian Smith (Will), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang) also attended the scene that had many kisses and sensual performances.

Lito (Miguél Angel Silvestre) + Hernando (Alfonso Herrera)

Lito (Miguél Angel Silvestre) + Hernando (Alfonso Herrera)

It’s been 46 years since the famous June 1969.
On that date, the United States, gays, lesbians, transvestites and drag queens were at the Stonewall Inn in New York and the bar was raided by police.
They rebelled and this event has become a milestone in the history of the struggle for rights and citizenship of the LGBT community.

A few years later, it was the first LGBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo and since then passed 20 years, getting bigger and bigger with the City of Sao Paulo support, and lots of sponsors and strength.
This year the main theme were “Law of Gender Identity Now! All the people together against Transphobia.

brazil gay pride

Brazil Gay Pride

The Law of Gender and Identity it’s is already being discuss into the Brazilian congress – “…It is understood by gender identity the inner experience and individual gender as each person feels, which may or may not correspond with the sex assigned after birth, including the personal experience of the body.” Advocates the congressman Jean Wyllys.
I was there for 5 hours, being witness of happiness, joy and free wills from everywere. The mood was amazing! I saw, families, children, elder people mixed with all the kind of groups, Drag_queens, performers, go-go boys etc etc it was so beautiful!

Sense 8 & Brazils Gay Parade

Sense 8 & Brazils Gay Parade


People from every part of Brasil, and the world, came every year to enjoy this colored and pacefull event. No fights, no preconception no judgment, only LOVE AROUND.

I’m very proud and also happy to live 3 blocks away from the biggest Gay Parade in the world, and I go every year with my friends and even better, I make lots of new friends.

I also had the pleasure to chat with Alfonso Herrera, at Hotel Fasano, at Netflix’s promotional and press room, before the parade. But its for another post…
Brazil gives to the world a good exemple about Diversity and non-preconception statements. In our traditional soap operas, the theme is always aborded with joy, good humor and education. And soap operas in this country rules…

Let’s be happy, and let the people be happy!
xx Leticia


Leticia De Carvalho

Leticia De Carvalho





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