“One to Watch: Actress/ Model Natalia Kapchuk” by Jennifer Niejadlik
Natalia Kapchuk (6)
She stands over 6 feet tall in her Jimmy Choo heels. Actress/ model Natalia Kapchuk is taking the Croisette by storm. Pursuing her acting career while attending the Cannes Film Festival Natalia is also making her mark in the fashion world.
Natalia Kapchuk (3) Natalia Kapchuk (2)
You can see Ms. Kapchuk sashay down the catwalk Thursday May 19 3pm- 8pm at Tiffany’s Red Carpet Fashion Show at The Carlton Hotel. Kapchuk will be wearing couture gowns and collections from designers: Lina Cahill, who is a Former Miss Lebanon, Mirela Novak, a Romanian Designer, Danat Al Afrah, and Maiu Valdma. The Cannes Film Festival is the most prestigious film festival in the world and Ms. Kapchuk says she is delighted to be a part of it on The Red Carpet, catwalk and countless meetings with film Directors. Keep an eye out for this blonde, green eyed beauty who you will see in up coming films. She is a native Russian who is also fluent in English and Italian languages.
Natalia’s weblinks: http://www.nataliakapchuk.com/
Feature By Jennifer Niejadlik.
Jennifer Niejadlik
Photo Gallery of Natalia Kapchuk: 
Natalia Kapchuk (9) Natalia Kapchuk (6) Natalia Kapchuk (5) Natalia Kapchuk (4) Natalia Kapchuk (10)


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