During the 69th Festival de Cannes I had a chance to sit down and talk to actress/ model Irina Miccoli. She has an acting role in “The Last Face” Directed by Sean Penn. “The Last Face” was one of the films in competition this year. Mrs. Miccoli says it was quite an honor to be part of a film of this magnitude and recognition. Mrs. Miccoli says she got involved with “The Last Face” after working as an actress in “The Death Race 3 : Inferno” as Weylands assistant starring Ving Rhames and the film “The Giver” starring Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Katy Holmes ,as Fiona’s mother, thru the largest film production company in South Africa, Moonlighting Films. She says her modeling agency, 3d model agency and through other contacts she was asked to audition for a role of a VIP guest at a Charity Ball. In this scene actress Charlize Theron was giving a finale speech. In this way is how Mrs. Miccoli got the part and in “The Last Face”. The Charity Ball scene represented a thread in the film, where the film begins and ends at the charity event.

69th Cannes Film Festival - 'The Last Face' - Photocall Featuring: Jean Reno, Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem Where: Cannes, France When: 20 May 2016 Credit: Radoslaw Nawrocki/WENN.com **Not available for publication in Poland**

69th Cannes Film Festival – ‘The Last Face’ – Photocall
Featuring: Jean Reno, Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem
Where: Cannes, France
When: 20 May 2016
Credit: Radoslaw Nawrocki/WENN.com

69th Cannes Film Festival - 'The Last Face' - Photocall Featuring: Sean Penn Where: Cannes, France When: 20 May 2016 Credit: WENN.com

69th Cannes Film Festival – ‘The Last Face’ – Photocall
Featuring: Sean Penn
Where: Cannes, France
When: 20 May 2016
Credit: WENN.com

Mrs. Miccoli’s says her interaction with Director Sean Penn himself was exceptional. He directed her scene. She says she was a bit star struck to meet him and actress Charlize Theron in person. Mrs. Miccoli says Sean Penn was friendly and most helpful as a Director. He came across as very human and a sensitive person. I asked Mrs. Miccoli what it was like to work with Oscar Award Winning actress Charlize Theron? She says, “she was delivering her speech on stage, it was amazing to watch her in action. Her focus, commitment and work ethic are a marvel to see, I have learned a lot from watching her.” Mrs. Miccoli says she saw the final film for the first time at the premiere, it was an unforgettable experience, and I was moved deeply by the story line, the message of humanity it carries is very strong. Also, because I have lived in Africa for the last 10 years and having friends who are doctors and actually do work for doctors without boarders, I can relate to the truth and reality of the story. Mrs. Miccoli says she was surprised by the final cut of the film as one of the scenes involving a big Cape Town city carnival was edited out. Nevertheless she says, it was a highly emotionally charged time, as I looked around the audience at the end of the film, most of the spectators had tears in their eyes while the film received a standing ovation.


Mrs. Miccoli describes her efforts in getting ready for the Red Carpet as a whirlwind experience. She says, her agent/husband Justin Miccoli was contacted by Kevi from Styling On Showroom in NY about a month before the premiere, offering to dress her in L’Impasse couture gowns for the movie premiere and other Cannes film festival events. While her role in the film wasn’t big enough to secure a personal invite as a part of the main cast, to attend, such invitations are giving to the main cast such as Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem, Jean Reno. Matthew John and his team from Consort PR made the impossible, possible. After arriving to Cannes at 11PM on Thursday, May 19, after flying for 19 hours from Cape Town and driving for 4.5 hours from Milan we have decided to drop our bags at the hotel, glam up and go for a cocktail at The Majestic Hotel. Once there we by chance bumped in to Matthew John. We told them the story and a reason behind our visit and about my role in the film and our hopes to attend the premiere and walk on the Red Carpet. From that point on Matthew John made it his mission to make sure my dreams came true. We met again in the morning of Friday, May 20th, Premiere day, and planned our day. Matthew John took us to meet Mars Films, who provided us with tickets. We then met with Kevi from Styling On Showroom to fit the gowns at the Five Seas Hotel.

While trying on the dresses, a lady was passing by, she complimented me and the designer and immediately said she wanted to do a shoot for Studio Harcourt, the lady happened to be Pauline, manager of the studio, and all turned in to an amazing shoot the next day. Straight after the fitting we went on a brief tour of pavilions, in particular to meet the South African Film Commission team in Cannes, and we stopped by to watch an Award Ceremony for the Best Actor dogs in a British pavilion. Then another surprise, Matthew John and his team had organized a shoot for Getty Images with Francois Berthier at Five Seas Hotel. Time was running out, so we rushed back to our hotel to get ready for the red carpet.
At 6PM we went to meet Matthew John at the Majestic Hotel, who then went to speak to the manager, and arranged a limousine to take us to the Red Carpet. Upon arrival to the Red Carpet I realized just how big and how intense this experience really is, walking along side the cast and director, model Alessandra Ambrosio and actress/ model Mila Jovovich. This is something I never would have have imagined in my wildest dreams. It really was a dream come true.” http://www.3dmodelagency.com/models/women/891775/irina/

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