Interview with actor Jack Harrison

by Matthew John

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What Made you want to become an actor?
My love for film and stage began when I was very young . I remember vividly my family taking me to the theatre when I was five and just being completely entranced by the whole experience. As I was growing up , with every play or film I saw , I remember falling in love with multiple characters I saw and wanting nothing more in the world to be with them , performing and connecting with an audience in the same way they had connected with me.

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Whilst working on film projects , what would you say was the most difficult aspect of working on set?
The first answer that springs to mind is also coupled with my favourite part of being on set and it derives from not knowing what’s next . Whenever I have been on any set , weather it be theatre or screen , I have always started day one by being desperately nervous and excited to see just how the project will go and what my colleagues are capable of. This, “uncertainty” is a part of the creative process that never fails to keep me on my toes and at times makes me anxious but ultimately leaves me overwhelmed to see how far such talented people can go to create something truly outstanding.

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What are you working on now?
Currently I am living and working in London as well as beginning my final year of training for my BA in Theatre arts . However i am taking this time , like any performer in London , to network and meet a multitude of highly talented people as well as begin on a few of my own projects .

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What advice would you give somebody who is considering to pursue a career in Acting?
Be positive that you are 100% passionate about your craft . Being a performer is an extremely difficult profession to break into. However , the best pieces of advice I can probably offer is , always , no matter where you are, be friendly . Be absolutely lovely to everyone and never gossip. You never know who you are going to meet and the one person you are rude to could potentially be the person in charge of giving you a job . Always try and present yourself to the best of your ability and above all else , never give up . There will be parts that no matter how much you want them , you may just not be suited for. However this is not a reflection on you or your talent and it is no reason to become despondent. Keep up the grind , if performing is what you love , the end result will be worth it.

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Do you prefer stage or screen acting?
They both have their charms . Working in film , even at this early stage has allowed me to meet so many incredible people and form wonderful friendships . It also allowed me to learn so much from so many people in what felt like a very short space of time . However performing on a stage is a unparalleled rush which even now I find difficult to describe . Performing for a live audience , I feel is an experience like no other and pushes to new levels every time you do it.


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