Action Thriller for men and women of all ages ‘A female Jason Bourne meets James Bond’ Serpent is an action thriller starring Actress and Director Gia Skova. A female lead heroine, and a female Director Serpent is an exciting action sequence sure to please audiences worldwide. With it’s diverse casting, international setting, intriguing story, Serpent is newest cultural phenomenon.

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It is our pleasure to introduce you to Lucinda Kavsky also known as Serpent. Serpent is an intelligent, fearless double CIA agent determined to expose the government that has planned her demise — her own. Learning about their recent acts of terrorism, Serpent travels the globe to fight for freedom and human rights just as she always does. Always a step ahead, Serpent locates each  culprit, uses her wit, training, and femininity to get answers, revenge and to get rid of anyone in her way.  We invite you to get to know Serpent.  She is definitely someone you want to introduce to your friends and followers. This film is entertaining, well written and full of exciting turns. The stunts are amazing, the music will keep your heart beating as it lends to Serpent’s adventures.  Targeted demos for Serpent include: women 18-52, those who identify as action film watchers, those who like suspense and thrillers, those who support Independent and film festival movies, international movie watchers, those who enjoy female heroins, and international spy/espionage movie lovers. Serpent is sure to please these viewers of all ages. Serpent has magnetic appeal with a storyline that can be understood and felt no matter where you are located. It can easily be a cult classic. Its a title you want in your movie catalogue. Meet the Serpent and enjoy!

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