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Jon Paul Gates- a British actor starring in over 70 accredited international feature films, including “Believe”, opposite Brian Cox & Natasha McElhone; “Messages” (Jeff Fahey), “Carmen’Kiss” (Hugo Speer) and “Coldfish” (Christopher Biggins)-plays the complex role of an egotistical power crazed villain, driven mad with the desire to make Hedda his own.

The big break came in Hollywood with the vampire flick “Revamped” (with Martin Kove) then working with Gary Busey in “Beyond The Ring.”. He has played a photographer in “Casting Couch” which has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Youtube, a medium in movie franchise “Haunted”; a cocaine infested lawyer in “Essex Boys: Retribution” and then recently as Dr. Frankenstein himself in “The Howling”.

Jon Paul Gates

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Jon Paul Gates latest character is Henrik Ibsen’s Judge Brack. A very immoral man from the very beginning, due to the aplenty advances he made towards Hedda. But to be thoroughly suggestive of certain immoral acts to a legally wed lady would seem to be a moral crime. A crime, which would deem Brack as an immoral judge, which is juxtaposition in the phrase itself. Brack’s manipulative nature can perhaps be considered the most powerful tool that he has, to be able to control people at his beck and call. His callous ways together with his tricky language have caused the one all mighty Hedda to fall prey to him. Scrupulous Brack’s tactics maybe, but his ulterior motive, is to find Love with Hedda Gabler.

Jon Paul Gates Playing Judge Brack In Hedda Gabler

Jon Paul Gates Quote:
“My mischievous streak, twinkled whilst filming, fraternising with the Judges narcissism became all–consuming on set, I laugh now but, was getting a kick from practising the mild riling and gentle agitation of my co actors, I know playing villain is always more fun, but this was mildly addictive.”


Jon Paul Gates Playing Judge Brack In Hedda Gabler

“I didn’t really see the Judge as being ‘evil’, rather a man who shifts behaviours through jealously, fuelled by the unrequited love to Hedda, it is a disbelief that she is knowingly playing him and his ego is dented. The turmoil became so entrenched that it even superseded his desire for money. All previous productions have not managed to convey.”


“Ibsen fans for over a century question that was the one true love of Hedda?  I don’t know if she knew or really wanted to know love as it can be incapacitating. Much preferable for her was chemistry, mutual desire or greed that made the two characters so interesting.”


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